Get California car insurance quotes

Get California car insurance quotesSafety first, last,  all the time

So you’re going to get California car insurance quotes from and you are wondering if there’s something you should know that would give you a price break. Who can blame you? Prices are high today.  Every penny we can save helps our budgets.

Well, good news for you! There are some fairly simple ways to get a break on premiums and you may already qualify for these discounts, because they all involve safety features that you may already have.   Chances are, you may not even know about some of them.  Let’s go over a few of the most important ones so you can be sure to get the premium credit due you.

Let’s begin by explaining that discounts are given for safety features that are called “active” and others that are “passive.”

Let’s start with “passive.” That means that the driver need do nothing to implement them—the car has them and they are initiated simply by the act of driving.  And usually they protect you once an accident has occurred.

Air bags are a passive safety feature. Normally, one wouldn’t turn them on or off, your body weight does that. You do nothing.  Most relatively current vehicles have them, although an old jalopy would not.  Airbags are life savers and protect drivers and passengers from injury, which is why you can qualify for a discount for having them.

Similarly, anti-lock brakes don’t need to be triggered, they are automatic. But they are considered “active” features because they help you avoid accident or reduce an accident’s severity. They are also features that can qualify you for discounts.

Other active safety features include electronic stability control, brake override, brake assist and forward collision warning systems.  What’s impressive about these features are that on an ongoing basis they monitor what is going on with your car and how you are driving, checking for potential safety hazards without you even noticing. You can see why insurers are willing to reduce premiums if you have these.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be an actively safe and attentive driver when behind the wheel. That is most important—it’s where safety begins for everyone. But these new safety technologies give you an extra layer of protection just in case. They can save your life, limit the severity of injury or damage and in general, are like guardian angels on the road.