Get Pennsylvania Car Insurance Quotes

Get Pennsylvania Car Insurance QuotesOdd Facts about Cars 

It is hard to understand how some laws get written with a straight face, because there sure are some odd ones and some of the strangest are about cars, roads and of course, driving.

If you have a red car, steer clear of a street in Minneapolis, where it is not legal to drive a red car. Don’t you want to know how that came about?

In Oregon, drivers may operate a vehicle on the sidewalk as long as they yield to pedestrians. That is a real head scratcher.

Some states forbid you to shoot any animal from a car. That would be in Tennessee and California. But you CAN shoot a whale from a car. Seriously.

If you think women are now considered equal with men, you might want to know about New Orleans and Memphis. The law says that a female driver must have a man in front of her car waving a warning flag when she drives. It is not clear that this one is actually enforced and it sounds like a holdover from 100 years ago.

Where there is a lobbyist or politicians with bones to pick, there are some odd laws.  Some of the oddest have to do with cars, driving and roads.

Watch out dogs—if you molest a vehicle in Kentucky it is against the law. Don’t you wonder about the definition of that?

Do not dry your car with used underwear  in San Francisco. Apparently clean underwear is ok.

And in Alabama, do not drive blindfolded. Assuming you would want to.

If you are in Sag Harbor, NY, do not undress in your car, since it is against the law.

Joking aside, the very same internet that brought this information your way can also allow you to easily get Pennsylvania car insurance quotes from And what isn’t a joke is the number of discounts that could apply, lowering your premium. Here are a few of them:

  • Safe driver discount
  • Good student discount
  • Mature driving course discount


Other factors can help lower your premium, too:

  • Good credit history
  • Clean driving record
  • Owning your own place
  • Good claim history

The primary determinants of your premium cost at is your personal driving record and your claim history. If you’ve got these covered, you should have a reasonably priced premium.

As long as you don’t drive blindfolded. In Alabama or anywhere.