How to Fix – Authentication Failure

You are required to enter a valid Purchase-VPN.Com username and password to connect to the VPN service.


Please check that you are entering your VPN username and password exactly as you received them in the email you received from Purchase-VPN with subject “Purchase-VPN.Com Setup Instructions”.

Please check that your VPN username begins with the letters ‘Purchase-VPN’. Your VPN username and password is different to your client area username and password that you entered during singup.

Please check that the password is entered in the correct case i.e. ‘Hello’ is not the same as ‘hello’.

Please check that there are no spaces before or after the password.

If you are still unable to connect, please change your VPN password and try connecting again.

If you are still unable to connect, your account is most likely disabled/suspended. Please verify that your account is active by reviewing your services and look under the ‘status’ column. If your account has been suspended, pay your latest invoice and the account will be automatically unsuspended.