Windows Vista L2TP VPN Setup Guide

Setup L2TP on your Windows Vista Computer

1.Click on Windows Start Orb (bottom left corner)
2.Click on Control Panel
3.Click on Network and Internet
4.Click on Network and Sharing Center
5.Click on Setup a new connection or network


6.Click on “Connect to Workplace”

7.IF ASKED: Choose Use My Internet Connection

8.Input your settings:
internet Address: your Server Address ( example: )
Destination Name: your Server Name ( example: Purchase-Vpn L2TP VPN (or whatever you want to put here)
IMPORTANT: Click on the option Don’t connectnow; just set it up so I can connect later

9.Click Next
10.Input your VPN Username And Password

11.Click Create
IMPORTANT: Click on CLOSE (do not connect right now or it will fail)
12.Click Connect to a network now that you are back at the Network and Sharing Center
13.On the pop-up window double click the Purchase-Vpn L2TP name
14.Click on Properties

15.Click on Options
16.Uncheck Include Windows logon domain

17.Click on Networking
18.On Type of VPN Choose L2TP/IPSec


19.Click on the IPsec Settings button
20.Click on the top option Use preshared key for authentication
21.Input purchase-vpn as the Key

22.Click Ok
23.Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6
24.Click OK
25.On the connect screen enter your username and password again
26.Click on Connect

You should be connected to the VPN now.

Connecting and Disconnecting

To connect click on the wired/wireless symbol in the taskbar, and click on the Purchase-vpn L2TP connection and click connect.

To disconnect follow the same steps to connect just click on the disconnect option


If you have any issues getting connected, you should see our Troubleshooting Guides