Windows 7 PPTP Setup Guide

Windows users don’t have to download any software to have PPTP working correctly.
PPTP software is built into Windows xp, vista & 7

Press the start button, then Control Panel
Open Network and Sharting Center (from control panel)
Select “Connect to a network”.

Select, Connect to a workplace (Set up a dial-up or VPN connection to your workplace)

Click Next Select, Use my internet connection (VPN)

Type in the name of the Purchase-Vpn server
Type in the server name example: Purchase-Vpn US1 (into the Destination name) Click Next

Type in your username and password(lower case).
Select Remember password (if you dont wish to type this in each time you connect)

Press Connect

Depending on your windows configuration you may get asked what network security profile to use on connection, we recommend you select “Public Network” for maximum security.

To disconnect or reconnect to saved PPTP server profiles click the network icon in your tray menu in the bottom right corner.

Extra Security Settings

In the Connect to a network screen, VPNSecure connection will appear (under network and Sharing Center)
Right click on the (example: Purchase-VPN PPTP) and select properties.
Click on the Networking TAB.
uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6
uncheck File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks


If you have any issues getting connected, you should see our Troubleshooting Guides