. How To Use CyberGhost VPN 2023

How To Use CyberGhost VPN 2023

How To Use CyberGhost VPN 2023 – Full Setup Tutorial Guide & Installation Demo

how’s it going everybody welcome back and today i’m going to show you a complete guide and how to set up install and use cyberghost it’s a very easy vpn to use and let’s get straight into it before begin if you guys are interested in cyberghost you’ll find a link in the description down below that’ll give you a little bit of an extra discount so that you can save a little bit more cash and of course if you’d like to learn more about cyberghost in terms of the privacy policy speed streaming and torrenting capabilities you’ll find a full in-depth review in the description as well okay so let’s get straight into it now ll you need to do is go to cyberghostvpn.com go to vpn apps choose your platform and whatever device let’s say in this case um you know let’s just go for windows obviously i’m on windows so let’s click windows hit download it’ll take you to a screen that looks like this your cyber goes vpn for windows is now downloading this little notification and you’ll have it in your downloads here just click the setup link once you have it click next and just agree to the terms of conditions and you will have your vpn right here of course after entering your credentials all right so let’s click off of this and let’s expand the cyberghost ui here and as you can tell it’s a very simple ui cyberghost is honestly one of the more budget-friendly vpns that just get the job done at the cheapest possible cost especially when you go for the longest term plan which is three years of course if you’d like to get a few extra months be sure to check the link in the description down below all right and with regards to using the vpn it can be as simple as just turning on just clicking the on and off button right here super simple it’ll select what it thinks is the best server for you but you know i’m pretty sure you want to be a little bit more specific about your server location selection so you know this is what i’m here for to help you so if you’re looking to unblock let’s say netflix uk or netflix us you know these are some of the favorites here you can go to the streaming list here so you have a bunch of specialty servers torrenting gaming no spy servers dedicated ip servers which you’ll have to actually pay for but what i like about cyberghost is that for example let’s say i’m trying to unblock bbc i can just look up bbc and there we go the bbc iplayer server shows up let’s say i want to unblock amazon i can just look up amazon and here we have the amazon prime video servers same thing you know netflix and here we have all the netflix servers so it is a very neat feature now with regards to the servers you have over 6500 servers in 90 countries which is way above the industry average in both server count and country count and you’ll be able to secure up to seven devices with just a single subscription with regards to privacy settings you don’t have much to mess with here you can keep this on this is definitely good to just you know you don’t have to turn this off ever really you know just block trackers and whatnot of course prevent dns leaks and the automatic kill switch which i personally don’t use so i’ll just keep this off but the kill switch will stop your internet traffic and disconnect your internet connection when the vpn disconnects unexpectedly and this will make sure that you’re only going to be connected to the vpn and this will make sure that you’re only going to be connected to the internet when you’re connected to the vpn and making sure you never leaks anything out okay so smart rules here you have some nice options some just uh launch rules if you would like to connect the vpn when launching your windows and whatnot so it’s just a matter of preference with wi-fi protection you can select which networks you trust and which networks you don’t trust with exceptions you can choose the websites you don’t want to pass through the vpn tunnel so this is kind of split tunneling but only for websites so you know let’s say i can turn this on and maybe i don’t want let’s say netflix because i want to make sure that i’m always on my local netflix library so i can just add netflix.com all right and when i turn on the vpn it will not let netflix.com go through the vpn tunnel which is a pretty neat feature but i’ll go ahead and turn this off it’s the same thing with app rules i can make some apples to make sure that these applications will connect to a specific server when i launch a specific app so i can choose apps here let’s go to program files um let’s go to program files x68 um let’s say i want my steam to let’s just go to the executable and select that and of course i can select whatever location here so let’s just say i don’t know maybe germany whenever i  launch steam it will also connect to cyber ghost’s german servers so this is a pretty useful feature you can for example set it up so that every time you open google chrome or the netflix application it will automatically connect you to your desired server so this is a very nice feature to have okay let’s go to settings in here you know you don’t have much to mess with either you got some launching and theme applications and language settings so you know of course up to preference and with vpn protocols i like to choose wireguard but if you don’t want to ever mess with protocols again you can keep  it on automatic so let’s just go ahead and keep it on automatic mtu size just keep that on default to keep your vpn performance as good as possible and use tcp instead of udp this is only for openvpn so if you switch to openvpn this will give you a little bit more security but at the cost of speed but again you know if you want the fastest of speeds you can just stick to wireguard i like to use wire guard for the most part it’s definitely the fastest one uh so yeah in this case i’ll just stick to wire guard um and right here you want to keep these on you don’t really want to mess with that just for the best performance possible just keep these uh on all right and that’s about it with regards to using cyberghost it’s a very easy vpn to use there’s nothing complicated about it and now you know we can just go to the servers and pick one of these servers you can favorite any of these servers it’s about as simple as it gets with regards to using uh cyberghost so let’s go through for example the locations here with the united states we can just go with new york for example and click the on button again if you guys are interested in cyberghost you’ll find links to pricing and discounts in the description down below as well as a full review if you’d like to learn more about cyberghost with regards to the privacy policy speed streaming taunting capabilities as well as security and features besides that keep in mind that server goes does have a 45 day money back guarantee and 24 7 live chat support to process your refund within three to four business days if you are not satisfied with the service for whatever reason cyberghost is a wonderful vpn especially when it comes to unblocking streaming services and it’s a very budget-friendly vpn so it’s a great starter if you’re new to vpns this is a great vpn to start with so that’ll be it for this video comment below if you have any questions i’ll be happy to answer all of them like and subscribe if you’d like to support the channel stay up to date with everything vpns and cyber security thank you guys very much for watching i’ll see you in the next one have a wonderful day

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